Perfect Dresses For Easter

Hi all,

I thought I’d round up some of my favourite dresses for this season that would be great for Easter. I went out and got the first dress listed below, but I’m thinking I may have to pick up the others as well! Plus, Michael and I are going away on a very exciting trip this summer and these dresses would be perfect for it.

Old Navy: Patterned Boho Swing Dress. They seem to be sold out online but I picked mine up in store. AND it was on sale for 50% off so it was only $22!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.37.30 PM
Taken from the Old Navy website

GAP Factory: Chambray Cinch-Waist Dress

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.03.06 PM
Taken from the GAP Factory website

Old Navy: Printed Tassel Shift Dress.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.43.16 PM
Taken from the Old Navy website

Forever 21: Contemporary Crochet Lace Dress

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.08.54 PM
Taken from the Forever 21 website

Old Navy: Tiered Lace-Trim Swing Dress

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.54.54 PM
Taken from the Old Navy website

H&M: Short Satin Dress

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.15.56 PM
Taken from the H&M website

*None of these pictures are mine, they were all taken from their respective websites.

Thanks for reading! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


OOTD Thursday December 22nd

Hi all,

Today I just wanted to share a fun & festive outfit that I’m wearing on my birthday.

I always love wearing “holiday” sweaters this time of year to get into the holiday spirit!





Sweater: I got this from Garage a couple of years ago but I can’t find it anywhere online. I found a super cute one from Forever 21, which I linked. This one from GAP factory is also another one I’d love to wear!

Jeans: Forever 21.

Boots: Banff trail. These boots are SO warm and are incredibly comfortable. When I tried them on in the store, my feet felt like they were on a cloud. And this feeling has yet to go away!

I hope you enjoyed this quick outfit post!

Have a wonderful Christmas eve & Christmas!




Neutral Sweater Styled 3 Ways

Hi all,

Today I’m sharing how to style a plain neutral sweater 3 ways: for the office (+ a small variation), for a night out and for a casual day. I bought this sweater at Forever 21.

The details for each outfit are at the end.

  1. For the office: I paired the sweater with a blue & white striped dress shirt underneath, making sure to stick the collar of the shirt over the collar of the sweater. I tucked both of these into black dress pants and added silver flats. I’m using my work bag: the Kate Spade Cedar Street Jensen.





Variation: Replace the dress pants with black jeans and keep the dress shirt and sweater untucked for a more casual office look.



2. For a night out: I paired the sweater with black jeans, black patent heels, a gold statement necklace and a black cross body bag.





3. For a casual day out: I threw on some blue jeans, with my Steve Madden sneakers, my pink Kate Spade cross body bag (that goes with pretty much everything) and a Tiffany and Co. necklace.





Now for the details:

1.Dress pants: Costco. I couldn’t find them but I linked similar ones here.

Silver flats: DSW (similar ones)

Dress shirt: H&M (similar one)

Purse: Kate Spade

Variation: Black jeans- Forever 21

2. Black Jeans: Forever 21

Black heels: Payless

Necklace: Forever 21 (couldn’t find the exact one but this is a similar one)

Purse: Fossil

3. Blue Jeans: GAP (not the exact ones, but similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Kate Spade (not the exact colour)

Necklace: Tiffany & Co 


Thanks for reading & let me know what you think!