48 Hours in Santorini

Hi all,

Long time no speak! I’ve been adjusting to life back at school, as well as a new job but I’d like to think that the blog posts will be back to a more regular schedule! I’m starting back with a super fun post: what to do in Santorini for 48 hours.

When we were planning and researching our Greece trip, I spent so much time trying to find things to do in Santorini because we were going to be there for less than 48 hours. I thought I’d share what we did, as I feel pretty content with our somewhat unplanned itinerary.


Day 1:

  1. Arrive to Santorini either by air or ferry. We arrived from Crete (via ferry) and had pre-arranged the pick up from the port with a shuttle company our hotel works with. I highly recommend this because you won’t need to worry about getting a taxi when you’re all frazzled and tired from your travels.
  2. Lunch: When we got there, our room wasn’t ready so we decided to walk around and grab a bite at Pitogyros.
  3. After checking into our room, we went to the Black Rock Beach (Katharos Beach), down the road from our hotel which was in Oia. **BRING WATER SHOES!!!** We had actually brought water shoes with us on the trip but didn’t think to take them when we went to the beach, which was a huge mistake! There’s no sand; it’s all pebbles and larger rocks so it really hurts! We only went out to the water once because the walking was too painful. The water is very cold, but it’s a really interesting place, different than anything we had ever visited. We stayed there until it was time to get ready to watch the sunset.
  4. Sunset: we had a room with a balcony, so we opted to grab a couple of beers and watch the sunset from there. If you don’t have one, I recommend finding a good spot about an hour or two before (the streets get very crowded and very quickly!)
  5. Dinner at Skala.

    The moussaka- delicious!

Day 2:

  1. Breakfast at Vitrin Cafe Creperie. The sweet waffles are super delicious! (see below)
  2. Boat tour/excursion. We booked with Spiridakos Sailing Tours and we highly recommend them! We were a small group, the boat was luxurious, and the crew was so nice. We sailed around the island, stopping in a few different places to swim and snorkel.
  3. Once you’re back from your excursion, take a couple of hours to relax and watch the sunset before dinner.
  4. Dinner at Skala.

Day 3:

  1. Breakfast at Vitrin Cafe Creperie.
  2. Head to your next island.

Thoughts on Santorini

Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with this island, or at least with the area we stayed in: Oia. I don’t think it lives up to the hype. I do think that everyone should visit it once in their life to see what it is, but I don’t know that I would ever go back. Although, I do realize my perception of the entire island might be skewed by the fact that we only stayed in one town. During the day, it is SO crowded; it’s nearly impossible to get around without bumping into someone. I will say though, that being out of the busy streets and watching the sunset from our balcony was a real treat.

Also, you’ll notice that it’s pretty deserted at night (an hour or so after the sunset) since all the cruiseships have departed. There was such a difference between walking the streets at night and walking them during the day, I guess you could say it was like night & day 😉. This was probably our favourite time to roam around. Note: it gets cold when the sun isn’t out. I was wearing jeans and a sweater both nights!


Quick note: We stayed at VIP Suites in Oia and I don’t know if I would recommend it. It was the least expensive room with a balcony we could find, which is why we opted for it. On our second day, after placing our towels on the ground, they were picked up but not replaced. We were glad that we had brought our beach towels because if not, we wouldn’t of had anything to dry off with. There was also a strong rotten egg smell when we came back from our excursion. Luckily, it had dissipated when we returned from dinner. We didn’t bring these issues to management because the “front desk” was quite a ways away and we didn’t feel like hiking/walking for 10 minutes for towels. I don’t want this “rant” to be taken the wrong way. I’m extemely grateful to have been able to stay in that type of accomodation, and I know that these issues aren’t real issues. But for $250 a night, we expected a little bit more than what we received. And for the sake of this “review”, I want to be as honest as possible.

The front of our room.
Our room.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this little itinerary recap + mini review.

Have you been to Santorini? What did you think about it?




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