Roadtrip Essentials

Hi all,

Summer is just around the corner, which means that the season for road trips is as well! I love going on a road trip and I’ve pretty much been on at least one per year for the last eight years so I wanted to share some of my tips/essentials. It’s definitely not rocket science, but I always find it fun to see what others take with them!

  1. Snacks, snacks, snacks and snacks!- For me, the most fun part of any road trip is to bring awesome snacks. We tend to bring food that we wouldn’t eat on a daily basis: chips, cookies (I love the ones from the Costco “bakery”) & candy. I also always make sure to bring some fruits and veggies to eat at least a little bit healthy. Also, I live in Canada so Tim Hortons is a must for any road trip! We always stop to get breakfast there and get a box of Timbits for the road.
  2. Music- If you’re on the road for a long time, you definitely want to have music you can jam to for hours. Making a playlist is a great way to make sure you don’t run out of good tunes. You can also bring a bunch of CDs from your favourite artists. My mom & I always bring Celine Dion music.
  3. Water/drinks- It’s important to always stay hydrated so I like to bring the huge plastic water bottles that way I’m sure I won’t run out while driving.
  4. Comfortable sweater- We usually tend to leave early in the morning when we go on road trips so it’s always quite chilly, which is why I always make sure to bring a comfortable sweater. It can also serve as a “shield” from the sun so you don’t get burned and get too warm!
  5. Book or magazine- If you’re not driving, you want to make sure that you’re entertained so I always make sure to bring a book or a magazine.
  6. Pillow/neck pillow- Once again, if you’re not driving, you’ll most likely want to have a nap to pass the time so by bringing this, you’ll make sure to be comfortable!
  7. Earphones- These are pretty self explanatory… You’ll be able to listen to the music you want without disturbing those you’re travelling with.

Thanks for reading!

What’s one thing you can’t go without on a road trip?


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