Shein Haul + Mini Review

Hi all,

I recently purchased three items (originally four but then one went out of stock- more on that below) from and I wanted to share them and also give a mini review of my experience as it was my first time purchasing from them. I’ve included the picture of the item that’s posted on the website along with how it fit on me for comparison.

1.Multicolor Vintage Print Split Maxi Dress– ordered in size XS

shein dress 1_DSC3469

2.Self-Tie Waist Full Length Tank Dress– ordered in size XS (currently out of stock)


shein dress 2_DSC3430

3.Leaf Print Tassel Tie Neck Dress– ordered in size M

shein dress 3_DSC3454

My Experience- Review

Since it was my first time ordering from this website, I was honestly surprised by how inexpensive most of the items are. I am shopping from Canada so I had to take into account the exchange rate, but even with that, the dresses were priced very reasonably. The affordability was definitely the reason I decided to purchase from there and why I’m happy that I did.

Although I’m happy with the purchase, there are two things that slightly ticked me off. First, I had originally ordered four dresses because if you spend for a certain amount, you get free shipping so I wanted to get that. A few days after placing my order, I received an e-mail saying that one dress was out of stock and I could be refunded either on my Shein account or on my credit card. I chose to be refunded on my credit card and I have to say, this was done very quickly. I just wished that I would have known before placing my order that this item was out of stock because for $13, I would have preferred to get the item, or another one, instead of being refunded. I also have to say that when removing this item from my order, my total was under the free shipping amount, but I still got free shipping, which I was very happy about.

Second thing is the shipping time. It’s not a huge deal because I didn’t need these for a particular event, but it did take a little while to receive the items. I placed the order on April 7th and received it on May 12th. They did give me 500 points in my account (which is equal to $5) to compensate for the delay which is nice, but I didn’t use them because I didn’t want to order one item and have to pay for shipping. Plus, the points were only valid for 15 days after they added them to my account. I just want to note that if you did need to receive an item quicker, you could pay for faster shipping.

All in all, I think that if you’re alright with not getting your items within one week, it’s totally worth it to shop at Shein. The prices are very reasonable and it’s very easy to achieve the minimum purchase amount to receive free shipping. I haven’t worn the pieces extensively yet but they do seem to be about the same quality as clothes you would find at Forever21. I will most likely do an updated post in a few months detailing the quality and true fit of the dresses once I’ve had the chance to wear them/wash them more.

I hope you found this helpful, thanks for reading!


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