Ideas For Treating Mom on Mother’s Day

Hi all,

Today I’m sharing some ideas for treating your mom on Mother’s Day. There’s a mix of DIY ideas as well as store bought gifts. It honestly doesn’t have to be expensive to show your mom how much she means to you!

  1. Breakfast in bed (if you still live with her): You can’t go wrong with this one! Just make sure you get up before she does & then whip up her favourite breakfast.
  2. Frame a nice photo of you: We did this for my mom for Christmas; we took a photo from when we were in Niagara Falls last summer and put it in a small frame. She absolutely loved it; she even shed a few tears ūüėČ
  3. Gift card to her favourite spa: This is perfect if your mom’s idea of a perfect day includes getting pampered. You could even up the amount and go with her for a fun day out.
  4. Get an Edible Arrangements bouquet: I did this for my mom a few years ago and she thought it was such a great idea. Rather than spending money on something she might not end up using/enjoying, you can get her a healthy bouquet which everyone can enjoy!
  5. Make a slideshow: Pick out some of your favourite pictures together and compile them in a video editor like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (or a fancier one if you have one). Add a meaningful song that represents your relationship and there you have it!
  6. Take her out to a movie: Is there a movie you’ve both wanted to see? You could take her out to dinner beforehand and¬†make it a date night!

I know that my mom loves and prefers gifts that hold sentimental value and that allow us to make memories, which is why I’m big on the DIY ideas.

I hope that this was helpful!

What are you planning on getting for your mom?


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