My Travel Bucket List

Hi all,

I’ve had a serious case of wanderlust lately; wanting to travel everywhere! I feel like there’s so much I want to see and explore before I’m ready to settle down. It got me thinking and I wanted to share my travel bucket list; the places I most want to travel to, hopefully before having children. I know this is a pretty long list but the top 5 are really what I’m aiming for in the next years!

  1. Greece (we’re actually checking this off next month!)santorini
  2. Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dubai
  3. Bora Bora bora bora
  4. Asia trip: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore.China Shanghai town city blocks of flats high-rise buildings city skyline Huangpu river flow Pudong evening travel traveling
  5. Australia + New ZealandSydney Opera House and Ferry
  6. Thailandthailand
  7. The Philippinesphilippines
  8. Balibali
  9. Maldivesmaldives
  10. Turks & Caicos turks and caicos

Isn’t it so much fun to dream?!

If you could choose only one destination, what would be your pick?!


13 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. Great bucket list, and all very amazing places. I only today on Facebook seen someone I know skydive over Dubai and the view was incredible!! I am visiting Bali and Australia this year so can’t wait to check them off.. but Santorini, wowee that place looks a dream, I hope you enjoy!.. (sure you will)

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    1. That sounds so amazing! Have a great time on your trips, I’m sure they’ll both be wonderful! & thank you, I can’t wait to visit Greece!

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  2. Great list! Should you ever want to get bucket list ideas regarding those places and more then you can check out my blog (and particularly my 1000+ bucket list).

    Anyways, I wish you good luck in your endeavours. May your bucket list quest be a thrilling and giving experience:)


  3. Great List ,I have been to Dubai & Singapore so far.Further since you have mentioned Singapore too , so I would like to tell you that I visited Singapore last year with family .Though Experience at Singapore itself was wonderful but as a tourist , I faced one major issue there which I have shared in my blog below so that no other tourist has to face the same and once can enjoy Singapore to the fullest !

    One thing Definitely “NOT” to do while Planning for Singapore & Malaysia Vacations ! ( a 5 min must read)

    The major blunder that we committed but you must avoid while planning a Singapore vacation – After all Smartness is learning from someone else’s mistakes !!


  4. I would pick Greece as I want to visit Santorin… already been to Dubai, Bali and Singapore all of them are fun… Bali is my personal favourite out of these three… I have written four blogs over Bali…


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