Spring Cleaning #3: Letting Go Part 1

Hi all,

Today is the third part of my spring cleaning series: letting go. Every time spring rolls around I have this desire to get rid of things and declutter my surroundings. I just feel like as nature renews itself, I want to do the same and I can only do that if everything around me is organized and I have “room to breathe”.

The exact tasks that I do vary from one year to the next but this is what I did this year:

  • Get rid of clothes. I go through my closet and all of my drawers and get rid of clothes that I haven’t worn in a while. I tend to be attached to my clothes and don’t want to let go of anything, which has made me come up with a solution. As a general rule, if I haven’t worn it in a year (or in the last season), it gets thrown into the donation pile. I always donate all my clothes, unless there are items that are ripped and can’t be worn again.
  • Clean out my bedside table drawer. I have two drawers in my bedside table and the top one is where I keep the items that I use on a daily & weekly basis. For some reason, this drawer gets messy SO quickly and I’m constantly having to clean it out.
  • Clean out my “receipt drawer”. I have trouble getting rid of my receipts when I shop and I hoard them in my desk drawer. I guess I keep them in case I need to exchange or return something? I hate cleaning this out so I usually only do it once or twice a year, and this was the time to do it! I’m thinking I should make it a habit to throw my receipts as I go so as to not end up with a drawer full, what do you think?
  • Clean out all of my crossbody bags. I switch between a few different cross body bags and much like I hoard my receipts in my drawers, I hoard pretty much anything and everything in my bags. I have old shopping receipts, bank receipts, candy wrappers, concert tickets, and even a ticket from an excursion we did when we were in Madrid last summer… It felt so good to finally go through every bag and get rid of it all!


I know cleaning tasks are often daunting, but they do need to be done. What helps me actually get them done is to plan a day in advance for me to do it. I write this in my planner, that way I know exactly when I have to do it, and I get that satisfaction of crossing it off once it’s complete.

What also helps me is to listen to music or watch a movie while cleaning. I find that it makes the time go faster and I’m not just thinking about how awful cleaning is; I get to be a little bit distracted.

Just like working out, no one ever regrets spending time cleaning! However much you may not be looking forward to it, just remember how great you’re going to feel once it’s finished.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed reading!

What is one thing you let go of this spring?


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