Spring Cleaning #1: Fitness and Fitness Clothes

Hi all,

I’m so excited to share my first post in my Spring Cleaning series! Today I’m chatting all about fitness: my goals, what I plan to do to get there, and the most fun part; the clothes!

I live in Montreal, which means that we have snow for a good 3-4 months a year, making outdoor workouts challenging. Although I have a treadmill in the basement, I haven’t been too diligent these past few months with sticking to a regular exercise program. As a result, I’ve gained some weight.

The main goal of my fitness journey is to lose some of that weight by making lifestyle changes and getting to a healthy point. I know that food is the biggest part of any weight loss journey, but today’s post is really all about the fitness; I’ll get into food in a couple of posts.

What will I do to make sure I achieve this goal?

  1. Workout 4-6 times per week.
  2. Change up my workouts. My typical workout is 45 minutes of run/walk on the treadmill + 15 minutes of bodyweight exercises. While this does keep my heart rate up and gets me moving, I think I should change it up to prevent boredom. Also, when you’re always doing the same workout, your body gets used to it and it becomes less effective. This leads me to my next point.
  3. In addition to my treadmill workout, I’ll do HIIT workouts (you can find so many good ones on Youtube- this is my favourite channel), outdoor runs (when the weather gets warmer), walks, and whatever else I’m in the mood for.
  4. Make sure to workout first thing in the morning. I find it so much better to work out as soon as I get up. I feel like I sweat more (not sure why?), I have more energy during the workout and I feel so good the rest of the day. Plus this way, regardless of what may come up during the day, I’m sure I got my workout in. If I’m working, I’ll make sure to workout as soon as I get home, preferably before dinner, that way I won’t be able to change my mind after I’ve eaten.
  5. Tell myself I’m going to do it, and then get it done. Every night, I make a list in my mind of what I need to do the next day, and I find that when I tell myself that I’m going to work out in the morning, I have a much better chance of actually doing it. This also goes for when I have to work during the day. Throughout the day, I keep telling myself that as soon as I get home, I’m going to change and hit the treadmill. Thinking this way definitely helps me stick to actually getting my workouts done.

Now onto my workout clothes!

Since I do most of my workouts at home, I don’t really care about what I look like. I usually wear black, cotton yoga pants in the colder months. My favourite are from Hyba (Hyba Sculptor Pant). I love cotton pants as I find that the super stretchy ones made from that “shiny” material can be uncomfortable and they often give me rashes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.09.57 PM
Taken from the Hyba website.

My favourite sports bras are the ones from Joe Fresh. My mom got me some of these for Christmas and they have quickly become favourites. I’m not particularly “gifted” in this area of my body, so I don’t require an enormous amount of support. These offer just the right support and they come in fun colours, which is nice if you workout out of the house.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 7.13.47 PM
Taken from the Joe Fresh website.

As for shirts, I wear these tee-shirts my mom got me years ago from Zellers (this store doesn’t exist anymore- gives you an idea of how old they are). I love them because they are thick so they’re great for wiping sweat away from my face while I workout (gross, I know). I also love Aeropostale for their workout tanks; they’re inexpensive and so comfortable!

Workout t-shirts from Zellers.

I hope that you guys enjoyed this post! Do you guys have any fitness goals? If so, I’d love to hear and know what you guys plan to do to achieve them!


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