Introducing: Spring Cleaning Series

Hi all,

As a continuation of Monday’s blog post and a celebration of the arrival of spring, I’m introducing a mini blog series: Spring Cleaning.

This winter was a difficult one, both because of the weather and struggles in my personal life. These past few months have left me feeling a little down and have left me with a little extra weight. I decided that I wanted to do a “spring cleaning” of my life to get back to a place where I’m happy and proud of my life, and I thought that I’d document it here as a way to 1) hold me accountable and 2) possibly help/motivate even one person to take a positive action in their life.

This will most likely change as I go along, but I’m thinking that my first post will be about fitness/my favourite fitness clothes. I’ve gained some weight since I graduated high school four years ago (and yo-yoed much since then) and I just really want to focus on getting back to a healthy point where I’m eating right and exercising regularly. I’ll also eventually share how I’m focusing on my nutrition and some of my favourite healthy meals/snacks that help me stay on track.

I really want to apply this “spring cleaning” to my entire life, not just my health, so I’m thinking I’ll also talk about how I’m cleaning up other areas of my life. I’ll write about actual cleaning, like cleaning out my wardrobe and my room. I’ve been struggling with what to do with my life for a while now and I’d love to delve into that as well.

I have so many ideas with this series and I’m so excited about it! I’d love for you to join me and I hope that you will! You can follow along by signing up by e-mail, that way you’ll be notified when a new post goes live!

Also, the blog itself will be getting a fresh new look very soon for spring, so stay tuned for that. 😉

Thank you so much for reading!


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