How To Reduce Travel Stress

Hi all,

I have always loved every aspect of travelling- from packing, to waking up early and waiting at the airport, watching planes land & take off, to the hours of reading on the flight, to that feeling of my stomach dropping when the plane finally lands. However, I know that travelling isn’t every one’s cup of tea. Here are some suggestions to prevent any stress before and during travel.

  •  Start a packing list 1-2 weeks before you leave

I always, always, always write a packing list before any trip, even if it’s just a short 2 or 3-day getaway. It really helps me stay on top of things and it ensures I don’t forget anything. I’ll typically write out a list anywhere from one month to one week before I’m set to leave. By doing this, I get to go over my list multiple times and add items to it that I forgot when I first wrote it.

Also make sure it’s detailed (I write it down to every top, bottom and pair of shoes I’m bringing), it will allow you to plan your outfits and prevent over packing.

  •  Start packing about one week before you leave

I found that it really helps to start laying out all the things I want to bring about one week before, that way I make sure to not wear them and not get them dirty right before leaving. It also gives me a chance to see if I’m missing anything, and which size of suitcase I should bring.

  •  Choose your seats in advance

I know this may not be for every one since early seat selection usually costs more, but it’s a great way to not have to worry about if you’re going to sit next to the people you are travelling with. I have done this for every vacation I have been on with Michael and I found that it just saves me so much worrying about if I’ll get to sit with him. I also don’t have to stress about checking in 24 hours before the flight (Will I be able to log on? What if I’m at work and all the good seats are taken? What if it didn’t work and there’s an issue when I get to the airport?), which leads me to my next trick below.

  •  Decide if you’re going to check in online before or at the airport

If you want to check in before, make sure you are aware of the exact time you can start checking in and set a reminder on your phone, that way you’re sure to not miss it. Personally, I prefer to check in at the airport. They have the machines that you can use to check in. All you have to do is type in your flight information, scan your passport, and check in the passengers that are on that reservation. It will print your boarding passes and the tags for your luggage. Plus, there usually isn’t a line to use the machines.

  • Make sure you have your favourite music on your phone or a book/magazine you’ve been wanting to read

This one may seem very obvious, but it will allow you to the edge off while waiting to board your flight or while you’re in the air. It will definitely help take your mind off what may be stressing you out!

  • Check what stores/restaurants are located in the airport terminal you will be in

Most airports now have a website, and on some of them you might be able to see the restaurants and even shops that are located in each terminal. When I’m travelling early in the day, I prefer to eat breakfast at the airport, so checking these websites just reassures me that I’ll be able to grab a bite to eat before my flight. I know that this might seem useless or futile to some people, but this just really helped put my mind at ease about one little aspect of my travels.

I hope this was helpful!

What are some of your tips to reduce travel stress?


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