Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Hi all,

Today I’m sharing a few DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas! If you don’t really like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can totally use these ideas for anniversaries or even a birthday.

  1. Commemorative video– This is such a great way to put all of your favourite memories in one place. I find that it comes across as a very thoughtful idea and it’s very special to get to watch the video together and look back on all of the special memories you made. Michael made me one for our five year anniversary and it’s one of my favourite gifts he has ever given me. Tip:  You can use only pictures, only videos or a mix of both. And don’t forget to add some music to the background!
  2. Date night idea jar– I’ve seen this one on the internet before and I think it’s such a great way to spice up any ol’ date night! So the idea is to write down date ideas, ranging from simple ones such as ordering takeout and watching a movie, to elaborate ones such as a weekend away. Then, when you have no inspiration for date night, you just reach into the jar and you HAVE to do what it says! I bought this jar at the dollar store for $1.25 and it even came with the chalk!dsc00841-20170113
  3. Reasons why I love you scrapbook-I actually made this for Michael for our five year anniversary and he loved it. The idea is to come up with a certain number of reasons (I used 30) why you love the other person and accompany each of these reasons with a picture of the two of you. I put one reason/picture per page.dsc00826-20170113
  4. Coupon book-These are a classic but can be personalized and can be made a little bit more fun! Instead of the traditional “good for one massage” or “good for one foot rub” try to include things that might change it up from the traditional routine. For example, when I did this for Michael, I included things like playing video games together for one afternoon (he’s a big gamer), or letting him teach me how to drive standard (I’m terrified), or me paying for dinner (being the gentleman that he is, he’s usually the one who pays when we go out). I actually added these to the scrapbook that I made him (see picture above).

I really hope that this was helpful!

I’d love to know if you end up trying any of these!


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