Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

Hi all,

Today I wanted to share some date night ideas that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t really “celebrate” Valentine’s Day with your significant other, then these would still be great date ideas!

  1. Going skating and then going out for hot chocolate or coffee– Obviously this one may depend on your geographical location. Doing sports is always a great activity to do together, especially if it’s not something that you usually do. Plus you can find some really cool skating places around your area, just like this one (12 km skating path in the forest, near Quebec City) and this one (2 km skating path in the forest in Saint-Sauveur).
  2. Spa day– this goes without saying, it’s a great way to relax while enjoying each other’s company. You can make a whole day of it and go grab dinner at a restaurant afterwards. Plus, you can always find some great deals on websites like Groupon.
  3. Take a cooking class together– If you don’t normally do this, this is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Plus you’ll be able to re-create the recipes for your at-home date nights.
  4. Do something the other person enjoys and that you don’t normally do– This may sound very vague, but doing something that your significant other loves to do but you never, or rarely do with them, can be a great bonding experience. For example, if your significant other is into video games (like Michael is), take a night, or a few hours, to play one of his favourite games with him. Or if they love to browse books at the bookstore or music records at a music store, then accompany them. There’s nothing quite like showing the other person you really care by taking time to do an activity that they love.
  5. Ordering in and watching a movie or binge watching a show on Netflix– Michael and I don’t go out that often; we love to stay home and cuddle. It’s so fun to say that we’re ordering out and will eat while watching a movie. You can’t forget snacks to eat after dinner; our favourites are popcorn and chocolate covered almonds!
  6. Dinner at your favourite restaurant and a movie– I know this one sounds totally cliche and so “overdone”, but I actually think this is such a fun and no stress evening. We actually stopped doing this because we felt like we were doing it so often, that now I’m missing going on these kinds of dates! I just think it’s a great way to spend time with your significant other.

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your favourite date night ideas?


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