Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Hi all,

I wanted to share my smoothie bowl recipe. I’m going to list the items that I put in it this time, but you can pretty much add any fruit that you want. This list also changes in the summer since I have access to more kinds of fruits, such as a greater variety of berries, as well as peaches.


What you’ll need:

  • Strawberries- I use 4.
  • Frozen (or fresh) blueberries- about 1/2 cup.
  • 1 banana- half for smoothie and half for garnish.
  • Frozen fruit- I use about 1/2-1 cup.
  • Strawberry yogurt- I use about half a cup. You can use any flavour/kind you want.
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk-enough to almost “drown” all the other ingredients.
  • Chia seeds- for garnish.
  • Pumpkin seeds-for garnish.
  • Granola- for garnish.
  • Dried apricots (or your favourite dried fruit)- for garnish.
  1. Put all the fruit, yogurt and almond milk in a Nutri Bullet or in a blender and mix. *Make sure you verify the amount of almond milk you’re putting in, you don’t want the smoothie to be too liquid, or else the garnishes will not stay on the surface, they’ll fall right down.15878338_10206390708126519_1790427138_o-2017010415857121_10206390708566530_211191366_o-20170104
  2. Place the smoothie in a bowl.15878187_10206390709206546_1036592356_o-20170104
  3. Cut up the other half of the banana and the dried apricots.15909303_10206390708886538_1316220361_o-20170104
  4. Place the banana, dried apricots, granola, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds on the surface of the smoothie, with each ingredient having its own “line” going from the top to the bottom of the bowl.15857794_10206390709886563_858178019_o-20170104

And voila! You have a delicious and healthy smoothie bowl. I’ll usually eat these for breakfast or lunch, it seriously fills me up!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you try it out!

Happy Monday!


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