Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For Him

Hi all,

I wanted to follow up on my previous post with a version “For Him”. Below are some items that I think would be great as stocking stuffers for the man in your life. As you’ll see, I’m all about giving things that are practical and that he might not be buying for himself.


  1. Gift card. Michael loves getting these; he uses them for his lunches when he’s at work. Some might think they are boring to give but they are super practical and you know he’ll definitely use it.
  2. Phone case. Michael has this exact case for his phone (Google Pixel) and he loves it.
  3.  Travel mug. Perfect for the man on the go who takes his coffee to school or work!
  4. Pyjama pants. Michael would never buy himself these, so I love giving these to him as a treat.
  5. Candy. Getting him his favourite candy is always a good idea, you know he’ll definitely love them!
  6. Portable bluetooth speaker. Super fun & practical gift, I love that it’s on a keychain so he can literally take it anywhere with him!
  7. Shower gel. My family has been putting shower gel in Michael’s stocking for years and he’s recently admitted that he loves them because it changes it up from the traditional bar soap.
  8. Boxers. These are always a staple for me when it comes to Michael’s stocking. Everyone needs underwear, plus there are always so many designs to choose from.
  9. Basic tee-shirt. Once again, this might not be something that he would necessarily buy for himself, but it’s definitely something useful!

I hope you all enjoyed! Have a great week and may you find the strength & courage to complete your last minute Christmas shopping! 😉


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