Essie Gel Couture Review

Hi all,

I’m definitely a nail polish lover and when the new Essie Gel Couture polish came out I knew I had to test it out. I’ve tried it a couple of times since getting it and I wanted to review it.

There’s no UV light needed for this polish, you just need the colour and the top coat.


  • Remained shiny the entire time I had it on.
  • It feels thick, so big chunks never ripped off.
  • I’m not sure if it’s like this for every colour, but this colour is completely opaque, even with one coat.


  • It did chip after the first two days, but it was a minor chip and it wasn’t a huge chunk that ripped off like sometimes happens with the “cheaper” drugstore polishes.

All in all, I do think spending the few extra dollars is worth it. Also, they have quite a nice selection of colours.

I thought I’d take pictures every day just to show how it held up during the week.

Day 1: No noticeable “damage” or chips.

Day 2: I got a tiny chip on one pinky nail.

Day 3: No new chips.

Day 4: I did get a new chip on one of my thumbnails.

Day 5: I got a few more chips on this day; one on an index finger, my ring finger, and several chips on the side of one thumbnails (last picture on the right).

I took it off on day 7 but there was no change from day 5 to 6 so I didn’t take a picture.

I hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you think if you try it out!


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