Gift Guide For Him

Hi all,

I had Michael help me out with choosing gifts for that man in your life, whether it be your dad, boyfriend, brother, friend, husband, etc. There are ideas for all different price ranges.


  1. Garmin golf watch. This is awesome for someone who loves to golf. It tracks distances, as well as activity levels (steps, calories burned, etc.). This one is on the pricier side but there are several less expensive options.
  2. Scarf. I think scarves are a great idea, especially for someone who wears suits or dress shirts to work every day. They “class” up a plain coat or jacket. Michael loves the Burberry print but since we’re not about to drop $550 on a scarf, this one from The Bay will have to do.
  3. Ray Ban sunglasses. These are so different & look so cool on! Michael used to be against any coloured lenses but he saw these when we were in New York and fell in love with them. The larger lenses fit nicely with someone who has a larger face or head. The coloured lenses make for a cool laid back look.
  4. Nike Roshe in grey. I know everyone else has these on their gift guide, but they really are a great gift idea. I got these for Michael last year and he loves them; he thinks they’re the most comfortable shoes ever. He took them on our Europe trip this past summer and he never complained once about his feet hurting him.
  5. Robe. My aunt got this for Michael a few years back and he lives in it! He loves it and wears it all day when he’s home in the winter. It’s probably his favourite pyjama item he owns.
  6. Lacoste Essential cologne. Michael has been wearing this for years and it’s my absolute favourite. The scent isn’t too strong which is nice. Scents can be difficult to buy for someone else, but I think this is a good base. I also think it’s great for a young man just starting out with cologne.
  7. Fossil watch. I think a watch is always a good gift idea. Michael has a classic silver one so he picked this one out for a “different” look. He loves the two-tone colour of the watch.
  8. Xbox One S. Obviously this is for the gamer, or the person who wants to get into gaming. There are a bunch of “bundles” that are being sold right now for Christmas and these are definitely worth checking out since you can get a game or two with the console.
  9. Bose wireless headphones. These are a little bit on the pricier side, but they are definitely very useful for someone who listens to a lot of music, or travels a lot and needs noise cancelling headphones. Plus, he won’t get tangled in the cord since they are wireless.
  10. Minnetonka slippers. These are super comfortable and keep your feet so warm. Michael says they keep his feet so warm, his feet sometimes sweat while he’s wearing them.


I hope this gave you guys some ideas to treat all the men in your life!

Thanks for reading!


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