Best Crossbody For Travel

Hi all,

For Travel Thursday I wanted to share my favourite & most practical cross-body for travel: the Fossil Sydney Crossbody.

After booking our trip to Europe last spring, I was on a mission to find a crossbody bag that I could carry during the entire trip.

I wanted something that could hold all the essentials (passports, money, phone etc.) and that I could keep close to me so I would not fall victim to pickpockets.

As soon as I saw this bag I knew it would be perfect! The main selling point for me was the fact that it has two zippered “compartments”. I kept the most important things in the pocket closest to my body, and put the rest of the items in the outside compartment.


Despite its small size, it truly fits a lot. I was able to fit all of these items comfortably and there was room to spare. The leather is malleable so it can stretch quite a bit to accommodate more items.

There’s a zippered pocket inside, along with credit card slots. I always kept our passports in this zippered pocket to make sure that they were even more protected.

On the back of the bag, there’s a pocket with a magnetic snap closure, which is perfect for tickets, receipts, maps or anything like that.

The bag is super comfortable, I like to have it where it sits just below my hip. The strap is adjustable so you can put it where you’d like.

The detail I probably love the most is that the strap is detachable, so I’m able to hook the lobster clasp through the hoop of the first zipper (pocket where I keep my valuables) so that it can’t be easily opened. (Second and third pictures)

I absolutely love this bag and I highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new practical crossbody!img_0642



Thanks for reading & have a wonderful evening!



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