Kate Spade Cedar Street Jensen Bag Review

Hi all,

Today I wanted to review this amazing purse: the Kate Spade Cedar Street Jensen.

This was my first big purchase (other than my second hand car) and my first designer handbag. I bought it about a year and a half ago after having started a new job. I wanted to treat myself. I had been lusting over the Tory Burch double zip tote in the luggage colour, but couldn’t take the plunge, as it was very expensive. I saw this one on the Kate Spade website and went to the newly opened Kate Spade store in Ottawa and when I saw it, I knew this was the bag I wanted!

Since then, I have gotten a few other Kate Spade handbags all in the saffiano leather and I am so impressed with the strength and durability of this material. The bag feels so sturdy and so structured; it doesn’t feel like it’ll ever give in.


 Look– this style is so elegant and classic, I’m sure I’ll be able to carry this over into when I start my “real job” when I graduate from university in a few years. I just love how the bag is completely plain, except for the gold rectangles that secure the straps onto the bag. The Kate Spade logo is in gold as well, so it really ties in with the gold from the little rectangles.

Practicality– at first I was kind of worried about the fact that the middle space is opened (there is a snap closure), but I just LOVE the two zippers on either side of the bag. I keep my wallet in one of these zippers, so it is never in the middle compartment, where it could potentially be taken out. If I ever have to carry around school notebooks, they fit perfectly in one of the zippered pockets, which is really nice, as it also gives the bag a little bit more structure. I’ll keep my makeup bag and water bottle (or any other little trinket) in the middle section since these item are bigger and more likely to stay put.

There are also three inside pockets, two that are open and one that is zippered. The two open ones are the perfect size for keys and a pack of gum. I’ll put more “valuable” things in the zippered one so that they don’t fall out.

Comfortability– I’ll rarely put the bag over my shoulder but it is comfortable when I do so. I just prefer to carry it in the nook of my elbow; I find it easier for me to reach into it with my other hand if I need something.

Random– I love that it has feet underneath so when I place it somewhere, I know that the bottom of the bag will not have directly touched what was probably a very questionable surface. It’s then super easy to clean. Another great point is that since it’s saffiano leather, it can be cleaned super easily. Just one swipe with a Lysol disinfecting wipe or with a wet paper towel and it’s like new! Last thing, I love that despite it being structured, it’s also very malleable. When I go to work, I put my lunch bag directly in my bag and the bag “stretches” to accommodate my lunch bag.





I honestly love this bag so much. It was quite a splurge but I don’t regret buying this at all. I have used it almost every day for over a year and that just in itself is worth the money to me. I know that I’ll be using this bag for many more years to come, as it will never go out of style. A superb purchase! And as you’ll soon see, I’m kind of obsessed with Kate Spade  ;).

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!


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