Travel Thursday: Segovia Travel Guide

Hi all,

While I was in Madrid, I took a day trip to a to nearby city: Segovia. I think it’s definitely worthwhile to leave Madrid for one day to see something completely different. I was lucky enough to be visiting with my grandparents who have a car, but this city is easily accessible by high-speed train (details are below).

Here are the main attractions of the city:

  1. The aqueduct: It goes on for quite a while, and you can actually walk up to the top at one end. I found it really amazing to be standing in front of this immense monument being totally aware that this had stood the test of time and had been there for hundreds of years. Fun fact: there must be hundreds of the birds you see in the picture constantly flying around the aqueduct. It’s like they are trying to get inside the crevices between the stones; it’s so funny to watch!
View from the top of the aqueduct.
Almost at the top of the aqueduct.

2. Catedral de Segovia: Walking up to this cathedral is so impressive, mostly because of it’s size. I truly wasn’t expecting it to be this big. Once you get you get passed the size, you notice the intricacy in the details and it’s truly mesmerizing.

The Catedral de Segovia.

3. Alcatrar de Segovia: This is the city’s fortress. It was so interesting to see the inside and  get to learn what every room was used for. If you’re up to it, climb the 152 steps in the  tower to get to the top. Once you’re up there, the view of the whole city is truly  breathtaking. The staircase is quite steep though, making it a challenge when you are  going up and you cross paths with someone who is trying to come down.

The front/entrance of the Alcatrar.
Inside one of the towers of the Alcatrar.
At the top of the tower.
The view from the top of the Alcatrar.

Once you see those three things, take some time to just wander the streets. Most of them are very narrow and you can tell so much history has happened there.

View of one of the streets inside the city.

I can’t really recommend any food options here as we had brought a lunch and left before dinner. However, there are plenty of restaurants lining the streets. Grabbing an ice cream is a must, especially if you visit during the summer.

How to get there from Madrid:

  • High speed train (AVE): Depart from Chamartin train station; the ride takes about half an hour. You can buy tickets online for about 30 Euros but they are often cheaper if you buy them in person at the station.

I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!



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