My Top 3 Sweaters/Cardigans For Fall

Hi all,

I thought I would share my three favourite sweaters/cardigans that are perfect for fall. These are what I like to call my “comfy cozy” sweaters.

  1. Poncho-style turtle neck sweater from GAP. I got mine at the outlet so it can’t be bought online, but this is a similar one that I think would be just as warm and comfortable. Alternatively, I found this one from Reitmans that is almost the same colour.



2) Pink long sleeve cardigan. This one is SO soft. I bought this last year at Reitmans so this exact model isn’t available anymore, but this is a very similar one, in the same colour. And it’s on sale!



3) Burgundy sweater from Hollister. Currently on sale!



I hope you enjoyed this short round-up! I’m very big on effortless style and these are great to throw on over a basic t-shirt or tank top.

Thanks for reading & have a wonderful day!


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